Astro 3-speed Circulator


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The Armstrong Astro 2 circulators are designed for quiet operation and zero maintenance. In combination with cast iron volutes the Astro 2 line is intended to circulate water or ethylene-glycol solutions in closed hydronic or solar heating systems. The Astro 2 line is available in three volute materials for residential, small industrial, and commercial applications.

Technical data

Max. fluid temperature*: 185°f/85°c (astro 286 up to 1.35a)
150°f/65°c (astro 286 over 1.35a)
230°f/110°c (all others)
Max. working pressure: 150 psi / 1034 kPa
Certification: etl listed for US and Canada (conforms to ul
std.778 certified to csa std. c22.2 no.108-01)
nsf 372 (for lead free bronze and stainless
steel models)

Materials of construction

Pump body: • Cast iron (closed system)
• Stainless steel** (open system)
• Lead-free bronze** (open system)
Impeller: Noryl
Shaft: Ceramic
Bearings: Ceramic
Gasket: epdm

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