Berkeley JP Series


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Precision-engineered, corrosion resistant Composite Pumps in 10, 15,
20 and 30 GPM deliver efficient,
dependable performance even in
rough, aggressive water. Heads to
over 650 feet and capacities to 45 GPM.
Built to deliver long-term, troublefree service.
These pumps feature the proven
SignaSeal ™ staging system. Floating
impeller design resists sand and
reduces sand locking.

Shell: Stainless steel
Diameter: 3-7/8″
Discharge: Fiberglass-reinforced
Discharge Bearing: Nylatron®
Intermediate Bearing: (On larger units)
polycarbonate, nitrile rubber and
stainless steel
Impellers: Acetal
Diffusers: Polycarbonate
Suction Caps: Polycarbonate with stainless
steel insert
Thrust Pads: Proprietary spec.
Shaft and Coupling: Stainless steel
Intake: Fiberglass-reinforced
Intake Screen: Polypropylene
Cable Guard: Stainless steel
Check Valve: Spring-loaded check valve
Agency Listings: CSA

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