Hydromatic SKV50 Series

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SKV-50AW1-10 ft. Hydromatic Pump
SKV-50AW1-20 ft. Hydromatic Pump

Recessed vortex impeller allows pumping of stringy material and reduces clogging.


  • Carbon/Ceramic Type 21 Mechanical Shaft Seal
  • Oil-Filled Motor with Automatic Reset Thermal Overload Protection
  • Lower Single-Row Ball Bearing Construction
  • Piggyback Plug Available for Easy Maintenance and Switch Replacement

Pump/Motor Unit: Submersible

Horsepower: ½

Motor Type: PSC

R.P.M: 1650

Phase Ø: 1

Hertz: 60

Operation Intermittent

Temperature: 140°F Ambient

Insulation: Class B

Discharge Size: 2” NPT std.

Solids Handling: 2”

Unit Weight: 54 lbs.

Power Cord: 16/3, SJTW, 115V = 10’ std. (20’ opt.) 230V = 20’ std.

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