SJ10 Sumpjet


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1-1/2″ Discharge


SJ10 Water Powered Backup

3/4″ NPT Water Inlet Connection
Accepts 20PSI up to 100PSI inlet supply pressure*

The SumpJet® (Model SJ10) is a water powered back-up sump pump that will protect your basement in the case of a power outage. This unique product is powered by your municipal water supply** and requires no electricity to operate! With a compact high efficiency design, The SumpJet® removes 2 gallons of sump water per 1 gallon used.  The SumpJet® is fully automatic, arrives completely assembled, and comes backed with Liberty’s standard 3 year warranty.

Major Height: 21.6″, Major Width: 5.1″,
Weight: 3.5 lbs. (standard model)
Construction: PVC
Maximum Fluid Temperature 130 Degrees F.
Inlet Connection:
3/4″ SHARKBITE® fitting
Discharge Size: 1-1/2″

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